MANTIS uses its proprietary business simulation StratLab, and other custom solutions, to help managers make better strategy decisions. Our consultants work with clients to:

  • Identify the best business strategy to meet growth and profit goals
  • Estimate the potential sales, profit, and economic value of a business for sale or acquisition
  • Evaluate a portfolio of businesses to determine where to invest for maximum return

Our recommendations are not mere “expert opinion.” StratLab and other models incorporate extensive independent research on proprietary and public databases. So, our models reflect the real-world experiences of thousands of businesses, including businesses like yours. Also, StratLab doesn’t oversimplify. It recognizes the inherent unpredictability of future market environments and competitor actions, and tests your strategy alternatives across a range of reasonable scenarios. Of course, each MANTIS strategy analysis is unique, developed from the ground-up for each business. There’s nothing generic about our recommendations.

MANTIS’s work doesn’t end with strategy analysis. We can work with you implement the strategy you design, integrate the strategy into your organizational development program, and work with your team to improve their strategy skills.



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